San Francisco vs Green Bay

This weekend we have one of the most electrifying match ups that we will have seen in a very long time in the NFL. We will be watching a Green Bay offense that is extremely balanced through the air and on the ground go up against a San Fran defense that to call them scary would be an understatement! The key match ups to look for this weekend are Aaron Rodgers vs a SF secondary that was prolific to start the year but sustained some key injuries that most of the players have been able to work back from but could be susceptible to being injured again. SF does have one thing working for them more than all and that is an elite pass rush headed up by Nick Bosa! Look for Rodgers to try to get the ball out quickly to try and neutralize a group of players on SF that can simply wreck a game against any offensive line. Jones (RB) could also play a huge roll in this game as SF had to place their starting defensive tackle on IR. A heavy dose of Jones between the tackles, plays from an electrifying screen game, and play action pass to Rodgers’s favorite WR Devante Adams could spell a long day for the Leagues second best defense that has been a wrecking crew all season. On the other side of the ball you have a SF offense that over the course of the year has really found itself. With a three headed monster of a rushing attack boasting the names of Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, and Raheem Mostert, it seems like there is not a game where one of these backs doesn’t have the opposing defense’s number. With Coleman having the least yards at just over 500 yards, Breida having almost 700 yards, and Mostert having almost 800 yards, to say that this team is run heavy would be an under statement. Going up against a Green Bay defense that while further into the season somewhat figured out how to stop the run, but has been plagued by big plays given up on the ground I expect the three headed monster of SF to exploit this weakness. This tactic will also allow SF to control the time of possession which is key to winning against a team that can be as electric as GB. SF is also boasting one of the leagues best Quarterback to Tight End connections in Jimmy G to George Kittle. Kittle has proven that when given the opportunity there is no place on the field that he can not score from, even if he is dragging defenders along with him into the endzone. Expect to see plenty of Play Action passes to Kittle in an attempt to exploit a GB defense that will be doing everything in its power to stop the run.

San Francisco 34 Green Bay 27

-Marshall Thorne-

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