Tennessee vs Kansas City

For the first time in what seems like forever we have a team in the playoffs that seems to be completely reliant on a rushing attack. The Tennessee Titans have stunned the world in the last two games they have played by knocking out the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. While the Patriots may not have been as dominant this year as they have been for the last 15, was anyone really expecting Tennessee to go on the road and defeat possibly the greatest head coach and quarterback tandem in history? Then they moved on to what could only be described as an electric offense and stingy at worst defense in Baltimore and not once seemed to be fazed. They did all of this by riding the hot had or should I say feet of what people are starting to call a MONSTER, Derrick Henry! Eclipsing more than 180 yards on the ground in all three of their last games, what Henry is doing right now could only warm the hearts of old school NFL fans that wish to see the hard nosed grit brought back to the game. In a high flying offensive minded league where it seems like more and more the game is being moved towards flag football, the Tennessee Titans are a much needed throw back to a time when 4 yards and a cloud of dust was a common game plan.

I would look for the Titans to do more of the same this weekend. The Kansas City Chiefs may have gotten better at stopping the run since last season and even the beginning of this season but they don’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of opposing Offensive Coordinators. Derrick Henry should be able to do much of the same that he has been doing the last 3 weeks Sunday and could very well be the main source of yards for a Titans team that has relied on him so heavily to make their playoff run. But this is the NFL and we all know that coaches at this level catch on very quickly! If somehow the Chiefs figure out a way to stop Henry or at least slow him down, this game may come down to Ryan Tannehill showing off the connection that he has with his WR group. In Particular A.J. Brown, the Titans Rookie WR has boasted insanely good numbers for a first year player where it seems more and more often the position requires a bit of time to get used to making the leap to the NFL. If the Chiefs figure out a way to slow Henry or if the Titans surrender the lead early, look for these two players to try and shoulder the load and find a way to the Super Bowl.

On the other side of the field will be one of the Greatest NFL coaches of the modern era backed by a team that is so explosive I am surprised they let them fly on airplanes! The Kansas City Chiefs lead by Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes are a scary bunch themselves. Mahomes may have slowed down a touch since last year where he threw for an astounding 50 TDs in his first full year of play but that did not stop this offense from scoring 28 points in one quarter of play twice this season. One of those times was in last weeks playoff game against the Texans. Down 24 to 0 the Chiefs looked dead in the water and sinking quick until the explosion happened. 28 points in under 10 minutes of play and they never looked back. Having two 4.3 second WRs and a posession receiver with super glue hands does not hurt, it seemed that every time Mahomes threw a ball up it was landing softly in one of his receivers hands. That coupled with the fact that KC has a top 3 tight end that goes by the name of Travis Kelce who absolutely shredded the defense of Houston for 3 TDs last week. The Tennessee Titans have been absolutely awful this year at guarding opposing tight ends and I do not think they will be able to fix that this week especially since the player they are looking to stop is so talented. Expect more of the same out of KC this week long bombs down the field to Hardman and Hill, short crossing routes to Kelce and Watkins that break for big plays, and Mahomes being quick to pick up yards with his feet if the defense turns their back on him. If the Chiefs jump out to a faster start than they did last week they could simply be too much for Tennessee to handle.

Kansas City 38 Tennessee 24

-Marshall Thorne-

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