Marquand Manuel to the Eagles

The Eagles are hiring Marquand Manuel to the coaching staff as Defensive Backs Coach.

Seattle Seahawks 2012-2014

He may not be a household name but he should be. Marquand Manuel was an assistant secondary coach in Seattle in 2012 and when they won the 2013 Super Bowl, and was the full time secondary coach when Seattle returned to the Super Bowl in 2014. Seattle in 2013 posted the best stats in the NFL on the defensive side of the ball mainly on the backs of their superb secondary play. Only allowing 16 touchdowns to be thrown and generating 28 interceptions it was fair to say that no quarterback wanted to play against their secondary. Giving up a stingy 172 yards per game through the air and 9.9 yards per completion the CBs and Safeties were the best in both category. In the 2013 Super Bowl Peyton Manning and a high powered pass attack (best in the league and most explosive) had no answer for the Seahawks secondary who held them to 280 yards of passing and generated 2 interceptions and one Touchdown. In a total route to the the tune of 43-8 Seattles defense had lived up to their nickname “The Legion of BOOM”.

The next year Manuel was promoted to Secondary Coach and Seattle enjoyed yet another great year against the pass. While they slipped to second in the league in yards per completion at 10.2 they still enjoyed the best yards per game allowed at 185.6! The amount of Interceptions did drop to only 13 and they did allow one more TD than the year before but yet again the Seattle secondary moved through the playoffs all the way to the Super Bowl. In this game the Seattle secondary surrendered 4 TD’s but still were able to produce 2 INT’s making it to where at the last seconds of the game Seattle still had a chance to win the game.

Atlanta Falcons 2015-2016

In 2014 Atlanta’s secondary was a travesty, giving up the most yards per game at 279. Overall they were ranked the 31st secondary in the NFL. One year later interject Manuel into the coaching staff and it was a completely different story. Giving up an average 249 yards per game and ranked the 18th secondary in the NFL they were clearly trending in the right direction. While there INT numbers and TDs allowed numbers stayed about the same it was clear that a new mentality had been embraced and they were playing hard nosed football in the secondary. In 2016 Manuel remained the DB coach. While the secondary by numbers did not improve from year one to year two the falcons were hampered by injury. Losing many key players all over the defense Manuel did a great job of getting his young players ready to fight every Sunday even when it seemed like they should crumble. In this year the Atlanta falcons reached the Super Bowl. This would be the third time in four years that the team Manuel was a part of had reached the big dance. Just like his second year with Seattle they did not come out on top and just like his other loss this one came at the hands of Tom Brady and the Patriots. After what is considered the worst collapse in the Super Bowl era Manuel was promoted to Defensive Coordinator. This was the year that really showed Manuel’s ability to coach. Unhampered by other coaches making the calls Manuel lead the Atlanta defense to a top 10 finish. Ranked as the number 9 defense in the league they only allowed 210 yards through the air per game. This was a huge leap from his first two years with the team. This group had really embraced his philosophy and was playing very good football. They accomplished this while losing two Linebackers, a Strong Safety, and a Defensive End to IR. Unfortunately after Kyle Shannahan left the Atlanta offense was stagnant and without the ability to score Atlanta fell to a 7-9 record and due to this Manuel was made the scapegoat and fired even though he would be leaving the defense in a far better spot than he found it.

Philadelphia Eagles 2020-?

On January 24th Philadelphia reporters announced that they would be interviewing Manuel for the Defensive Backs coach. This comes as great news to the Eagles and their fans as it seems the Secondary has not been the same ever since the passing of the Late Great Jim Johnson passed. Even in their Super Bowl year they surrendered over 500 yards in the Super Bowl to (you guessed it) Tom Brady. Bringing in a young fresh mind on the defense that has coached 2 number 1 secondaries and another top 10. The Eagles pass defense was ranked 30th in the NFL in 2018 and 19th in 2019 could seriously use some help as it has been the weakest part of the team for what seems like forever. Manuel also has a knack at transitioning players from one position to another as he has moved multiple CBs to the Safety position successfully. The Eagles have what seems like the perfect candidate for this switch in Rasul Douglas. Drafted out of West Virginia he has a knack for zone coverage and has great ball skills. His one flaw is he is not fast enough to play outside. With Malcolm Jenkins (SS) getting up there in age his numbers have slipped a bit. Add on that he is holding out for a new contract and the switch for Rasul may just be possible and may come sooner than later.

-Marshall Thorne-

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